Voluma with Dr. Paulsen

As we age our cheeks and mid-face lose volume and begin to sag, Voluma restores volume to the cheeks giving your face a subtle lift. In your consultation with Dr. Paulsen you will discuss your goals and he will determine the injectable, or combination of injectables, that will deliver your desired results. As a plastic surgeon Dr. Paulsen is specially trained in the underlying anatomy of the face ensuring you the best results in a safe and compassionate environment.

Dr. Paulsen performs all the injections himself ensuring you achieve a more natural look in the safest environment possible.


Voluma Before and After

Looking back at youthful photos of yourself may have you longing for the full, smooth skin that has slowly lost its vitality. You probably expected wrinkles and lines with age due to years of facial muscles contractions, but were you prepared for volume loss or overall sagging of the skin? Voluma is designed to address this issue and re-plump and re-invigorate your skin. Voluma treatments are a quick and simple approach to looking instantly younger. To note, Voluma is also a perfect complementary procedure if you are undergoing a cosmetic surgery 

What is Voluma?

The FDA-approved product is a hyaluronic acid gel which is dermally injected. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in body tissue, attaching to water molecules to add volume. The product also contains the anesthetic called Lidocaine for pain relief during injection. Due to the organic base of the hyaluronic acid, the product is considered very safe to use. Voluma is not to be confused with its sister product, Juvederm which targets areas around the mouth and nose.  

Where is Voluma® administered?

Voluma targets the cheek area restoring volume to the face giving you a more youthful appearance.

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